Neo Sectional Comb

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◦ No pulling
◦ No yanking
◦ No snagging

Wide-toothed rubberized prongs easily glides through knots and tangles.

Designed to gently break up tangles and painlessly remove knots, this detangling comb features wide spaced teeth that smoothly glide through hair without a hitch. Recommended for thick, coarse, curly and wavy hair types, the detangler performs best when used to comb out wet or dry hair section by section. It's the tangle fighting hair tool no collection should be without.

Pigmentation: *Tangerine Orange

◦ Rubberized prongs glides easily thro' wet/dry hair
◦ Heat resistant polypropylene (PP) plastic
◦ Large rubberized handle offers greater control
◦ Detangles without pulling or breaking hair
◦ For thick, coarse, curly, wavy and kinky hair

◦ Use to minimize shrinkage, stop breakage

◦ Uses: Detangling 
◦ Weight: 45 grams
◦ Size: 24cm * 6.2cm
◦ Material: PP plastic
◦ Technology: Rubberized