NeoCurly Scents

Purely and Naturally of the Earth

NeoCurly products featuring the Neo_005 Scent infusion

At NeoCurly, we pride ourselves on infusing our products with scents derived from fresh petals, flowers, leaves, seeds, barks, and rinds. These fragrances represent a pure and natural symphony of the earth, creating an exclusive proprietary blend that is truly a gift from nature. Immerse yourself in the essence of purity, as our scents are meticulously crafted, free from harsh chemicals, synthetics, and artificial fragrances. 

To ensure the utmost safety and adherence to quality standards, our fragrances undergo rigorous scrutiny in accordance with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) guidelines. This commitment guarantees that each ingredient is not only environmentally friendly but also poses no allergen or toxicity risks. Embrace the harmonious connection between nature's bounty and NeoCurly's dedication to delivering scents that encapsulate the essence of pure, unadulterated beauty.

Neo_005 Proprietary Scent 🌻

NeoCurly products featuring the Neo_005 Scent infusion
Experience Neo_005, carefully crafted from fresh petals, flowers, leaves, seeds, barks, and rinds, forming a distinctive blend that is a genuine gift from nature. Immerse yourself in an authentic olfactory adventure, where each note is a tribute to the wonders of the natural world. Elevate your sensory journey with fragrances that capture the genuine beauty of botanicals, enveloping you in the calming embrace of nature.

NeoCurly proudly introduces the Neo_005 Scent infusion across a range of meticulously crafted hair care essentials. This signature scent, carefully blended for a unique olfactory experience, enriches the following NeoCurly products: Cleansing Moisturizing Cowash, Lightweight Hair Milk, Moisturizing Leave-in Cream, Light Hold Styling Gel and Sunflower Nourishing Oil

This unique fragrance is not limited to individual products alone but extends to all Sets and Bundles derived from these curated NeoCurly essentials. Imbued with the Neo_005 Scent, NeoCurly products not only cater to the health and vitality of your natural curls but also elevate your overall hair care experience through a distinct and delightful olfactory dimension.

Neo_006 Proprietary Scent 🌿

NeoCurly 006 Proprietary ScentImmerse yourself in the captivating Neo_006 Scent, an integral part of our Opulent Essence Collection. This distinctive fragrance has been artfully composed to provide a sensorial journey like no other. As you delve into the opulence of this collection, you'll encounter the enchanting aroma across various NeoCurly essentials.

Begin your ritual with the Clarifying Lush Shampoo, where the Neo_006 Scent transforms your cleansing experience into a delightful aromatic escape. Follow this with the Drench Lavish Conditioner, where the fragrance lingers, leaving your hair not only nourished but also enveloped in a luxurious scent.

The Whipped Glimmer Cream takes on a new dimension with the Neo_006 Scent, offering a styling experience that is both effective and indulgent. Feel the transformative power of the Red Flawless Serum as it imparts shine and brilliance, accompanied by the subtle notes of our signature fragrance.

For the ultimate olfactory indulgence, consider the Opulent Essence Quartet bundle. This curated collection showcases the Neo_006 Scent across multiple products, ensuring a harmonious blend of fragrance throughout your hair care routine.

With each use, Neo_006 Scent elevates not just the products but the entire experience, making your hair care routine a sensory journey that aligns with the core principles of NeoCurly – diversity, health, and acceptance.