Est. 2019

embracing our true and authentic selves!

On a journey to discover and embrace our authentic selves - true to our values, beliefs, and personality, without pretense.


Our Commitment

A Sense of Belonging

Promoting the ethos of "owning your beauty," we fervently advocate for others to adopt this empowering belief. In line with this dedication, we've collaboratively built a community where our Melanin family discovers purpose and a sense of belonging - a nurturing sanctuary where members are warmly embraced to explore their authenticity and confidently express their true selves.

At the core of this community is a joint commitment to a shared lifestyle, projecting positivity for everyone, challenging Eurocentric Beauty Standards, and advocating for the authentic portrayal of beauty in black and brown women. This collective effort celebrates the diverse spectrum of shades and textures, actively redefining beauty norms and nurturing an inclusive space that honors the richness of individuality.

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Our Enduring Vision

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We are constantly seeking like-minded individuals who resonate with our values. There are various avenues for collaboration, and we extend an invitation for you to consider joining forces with us.

Together, the possibilities are limitless!


Non-toxic Ingredients

Guiltless beauty, timeless style. Our hair care, 100% non-toxic, pure representation of nature's essence


Naturally Scented

Scented with earth's elements: petals, flowers, leaves, seeds, barks, and rinds. No synthetics, just pure, natural fragrance

Our Scents

Cruelty-free Brand

No harm to animals in our production. All ingredients are cruelty-free and animal by-product-free

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