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Non-Toxic Ingredients

Clean, guiltless beauty never goes out of style. Made from 100% nontoxic ingredients, our hair care products are pure, honest representations of nature's rawest qualities.

Naturally Scented

Sourced from fresh flowers, leaves, seeds, barks and rinds, our scents are purely and naturally of the earth. No harsh chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances to be found.

Cruelty Free

No animals are ever harmed during the production of our products. We make certain all ingredients we use are never tested on animals or derived from their by-products.


Neo Accessories

NeoCurly essential tools and accessories.
♡ Bright neo colors
♡ Smooth rubberized feel
♡ Suitable for all hair patterns

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About Us

Neocurly’s Essence

We are not just another hair care brand!
But a loving space where members are warmly embraced to explore their authenticity and encouraged to walk in the truest expressions of themselves.... 

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