Fronormous Hair Pick

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◦ Pain free no pull volumizing hair pick
◦ Increases volume without frizzing hair
◦ Built extremely tough & extra durable

Pick out your puff with this picker hair tool to give it a boost of teased up volume. Equipped with dual rows of teeth in two different lengths, the hair pick lessens styling time by doubling up on picking power. Coated with a rubbery material and outfitted with rounded tips, the pick glides through hair cleanly to remove tangles, break up knots, reduce frizz and prevent breakage. Thick and easy to hold, the anti-slip handle sits strong and stable in hand.

Volume Maximizing Pick

◦ Rubberized dual prongs easily picks fros’
◦ Built extremely tough and extra durable
◦ Heat resistant polypropylene (PP) plastic
◦ Large rubberized handle offers greater control
◦ minimize shrinkage without pulling or breaking hair
◦ For thick, coarse, curly, wavy and kinky hair
◦ Uses: Volumizing
◦ Weight: 35 grams
◦ Size: 12cm * 4cm
◦ Material: PP plastic
◦ Technology: Rubberized