Lightweight Twist Out On Type 4 Hair

  1. Start off by running water through my hair until it is saturated.
  2. Then section my hair into 4 workable sections and use my hands to apply my first product, which is the Build-up Cleansing Moisturizing Co-Wash.
  3. Once I apply the product to my hair, while making sure to rake it through with my hands, I will then start finger detangling my hair slowly.
  4. After I am satisfied with the finger detangling of the section, I will then take the wide-tooth comb in order to detangle, going through with about 5-6 passes.
  5. Finally, I will go in with the Detangle brush and further detangle until I feel like all knots and tangles are melted away.
  6. After, I will put the section in a loose twist and use the hair clips to pin it up and away.
  7. I will repeat this process to the rest of my hair until everything has the co-wash and has been detangled.
  8. Once that is done, I will rinse my hair section by section until everything is clean and then apply the microfiber towel to my hair and move on to my next steps outside of the shower.
  9. To style my hair, I will begin by mapping out my sections with the Neo Trio Comb to part my hair (middle or side part). I will then start in the back of my head and section out my first piece of hair for the chosen style.
  10. First I will apply the Hair Milk to my hair section and massage it into my strands until it is absorbed. I will then do the same technique with the Leave in Cream.
  11. Once I will like it is worked into my hair, I will use the hairbrush to go through the section. This will further help the product work into my hair, while also removing the tangles if there are any left.
  12. Once detangled, I will start twist. With the Curl it Twist it Styling Gel.
  13. These steps will be repeated throughout my hair.
  14. Finally, I will apply the satin bonnet to keep my hair safe while it dries and I sleep.
  15. After my hair is completely dried, I will remove the bonnet and apply some oil to my fingertips.
  16. Gently, I will take down the braids/twists, making sure to not disrupt the curls that were created.
  17. Then once everything is undone, I will slowly start separating the larger curl sections to create more volume for the style.
  18. Finally, I will use a hair pick to lightly pick out the roots for maximum volume on first-day hair.
  19. I will then lightly sleek down my baby hairs and that will complete the style.

Video credit : Mimi