How To Get The Perfect Twist-out in 14 Easy Steps

Twist Out on Stretched Hair 

  1. Section Hair
  2. Dampen Hair
  3. Apply leave-in cream
  4. Detangle
  5. Apply styling gel
  6. Two Strand twist from root to end
  7. Add small duckbill hair clips at the root, to keep roots flat
  8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 across the back of the head
  9. Follow steps 1 through 5 and then flat twist the hair as desired across the front section from ear to ear.
  10. Let hair air dry
  11. Apply oil to fingertips and unravel each twist
  12. Separate the unraveled twists and fluff with a pick for maximum volume
  13. Stretch as desired (banding method or with a blow-dryer)
  14. Solidify part and touch up baby hairs

Video credit : Slim Reshae