Feb 21, 2020

Twistout Post-Blowout & Trim

Jaleesa Charisse first twistout post-blowout and trim using Neocurly Bangin' Curls Lightweight Hair Milk, Curl It Twist It Styling Gel and Like A Blossoming Sunflower Nourishing Oil

Bangin' Curls Lightweight Hair Milk: A natural elixir made from plant-based ingredients, this milky treatment naturally cares for the condition of your curls. A blend of jojoba oil and argan oil showers locks with hydrating goodness, leaving them soft, silky smooth and manageable.

Curl It Twist It Styling Gel: To mold tight curly q's or gain control of loose beach-ready waves with the freezing power of our hydrating styling gel. Whereas the typical gel makes hair hard, crunchy and cakey, this one locks your style in place without weighing down or hardening curls. The all natural formula supports frizz-free curls that are full of shine and vitality but also bouncy and soft to the touch.

Like A Blossoming Sunflower Nourishing Oil:To Coddle curls back to a healthy state by pampering them with our nourishing hair oil. Oils derived from sunflower seeds, jojoba seeds, argan kernels and avocados lightly immerse hair with hydration to soften, smooth and boost growth.

Article credit : Jaleesa Charisse