Mini Teaser Comb

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◦ Miniature touch up teaser comb
◦ Detangles & teases without frizz
◦ Soft rubberized anti-snag coating

Though small, this hair tool is considerably powerful and exceedingly useful. Little enough to fit in your pocket or tuck away in your purse, our mini detangler comb makes teasing touch-ups on the go quick and easy. Coated with a rubbery material which prevents the hand from slipping but also prevents hair from snagging, the detangle comb detangles and increases volume without causing hair to tangle or frizz. Take it out to give your hair some extra oomph when needed.

◦ Rubberized prongs glides on easily through
◦ On-the-go miniature touch up teaser comb
◦ Built extremely tough and extra durable
◦ Heat resistant polypropylene (PP) plastic
◦ Little enough to fit in your pocket or purse
◦ For thick, coarse, curly, wavy and kinky hair
◦ Uses: Touch up
◦ Weight: 30 grams
◦ Size: 19.5cm * 6cm
◦ Material: PP plastic
◦ Technology: Rubberized