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Spencer Stewart

Senior VP Strategy

Always privy to the latest cultural trends and famed for the creation of his own skincare product, Spencer is an impassioned creative with an established reputation.

Having grown up under the watchful guidance of a mother who herself worked in the high-end beauty industry, he possesses profound knowledge, well cultivated talent and invaluable experience. As his inspiration and guiding light, she has raised him to understand and appreciate the intricacies of the beauty business.

Outcome Driven

Personable and passionate, Spencer was born with the innate ability to connect and empathize with others.

His extroverted and empathetic personality has led him to seek adventure in search of connection with cultures around the world. An avid traveler comfortable with diversity, he often finds himself embarking on worldly voyages others only dream of.

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Limitless Aptitude

An all around master of the arts, Spencer prides himself on his expertise of music, fashion and beauty. A visionary with limitless capability and a personal network of connections, he aspires to enlighten others so that they too see the beauties of blackness.

As a representative of NeoCurly, he hopes to help reshape and alter antiquated perceptions still prevalent in the natural hair community. Owning talents and expertise in alignment with our brand, Spencer plays an important role here at NeoCurly.