Together We Can Make a Difference

Brand Ambassadors

The NeoCurly brand ambassador program is a social community committed to a shared lifestyle that empowers women by inspiring self-love. Portrays all women in a positive light, and supports the accurate portrayal of black women’s beauty in all its glorious shades and textures.


Event Participation

Our commitment includes giving back to the communities in which we work and live. We believe, any action, big or small can make a real difference in brightening someone else's day. We welcome participation requests that align with our core values. We’d love to get involved!


Retail Opportunities

Interested in becoming a NeoCurly authorized retailer. Please fill out the following application if you'd like to be reviewed to become a retailer partner. Follow the link below to submit an application. Should you have any questions regarding your application status, call (877) 636-2875



We're always on the lookout for like minds who share our values.
Please apply for our open positions for an opportunity to join our team.

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