What's in it?

Cleansing Moisturizing Co-wash
Non-lathering cleansing co-wash purifies without stripping moisture, removes gunky buildup and leaves hair soft, refreshed and manageable.

Lightweight Hair Milk
Fast-absorbing hair milk douses strands with hydration, smooths, softens hair for a silky soft finish to repair past damage to support curls with bounce, buoyancy and shine.

Curl It, Twist It, Styling Gel
Styling gel locks curls in place without hardening hair with light, flexible holding power for better manageability. Mold tight curly q's without flakes, caking, crunchy or weigh your curls down.

Floral fragrance
Naturally scented, sourced from fresh flowers, leaves, seeds, barks and rinds, our scents are purely and naturally of the earth. No harsh chemicals, synthetics or artificial fragrances.

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