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A pioneering visionary well known throughout the hair-care and beauty industry, Gary Lewis Jr. first made a name for himself upon the launch of his state-of-the-art haircut booking app titled “Fade.” The moment he received positive feedback is when he realized he had a knack for creating a well-executed customer experience. Cleverly carried out, highly dynamic and always inventive, his marketable designs and promotional collaborations illustratively depict his insatiable imagination and a voracious appetite for originality. As someone who has discovered a newfound passion for traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people from all walks of life, Gary personally understands the importance of global unity and acceptance. His divergent thinking, unique perspective and out-of-the-box approach are what contribute to his ability to impact communities at large. Representative of the NeoCurly brand and our philosophy of empowerment, Gary's creative contributions portray inclusion, honor advocacy and celebrate today's 'woke' generation. His marketing style is daring, bold and unapologetically subversive. He appreciates bright colors, artistic contrast and minimalism mixed with a bit of edge. As Chief Creative Officer here at NeoCurly, Gary aims to tell our story through artistry. Skilled and resourceful, he's a modern renaissance man who will be using his talents to bring our brand to life.