Our commitment

Inspiring self- love by boosting the image of natural hair to embody diversity, health, and acceptance.

Developing and delivering superior quality hair care products, accessories, and services in a welcoming and loving environment.

Educating and sharing quality advice on natural hair to help guide the natural hair community on their individual journeys.

Our long-term vision

To reshape the global perception of black natural hair, empower people of color to walk in their truest expressions of themselves.

 To contribute to the fight against texturism and colorism and promote acceptance within the community.

Show the world that beauty comes in all of shades, shapes, and textures.

Be true to who you are!


Our Values


We want to create an inclusive culture that encourages our melaninated community to embrace their and others natural hair of all textures and curl types.

Empower Others

We are advocates for ’owning your beauty’ and we seek to empower others to embrace that stance.

Customer Focused

We center our products and services around our customer's needs and requirements. All customer’s hair types are valued in the process of creating products and services.


The NeoCurly brand was born out of a passion for natural beauty.
We are all about, providing our customers with the very best products, learning and sharing our knowledge and inspiring that passion in others.

Superior Quality

We only source for the highest quality ingredients that will give our customers the optimal level of hair nourishment.
Continuously striving to improve our current product line, while creating new formulas to meet the needs of our growing natural hair community.

Meet the Team

We feel lucky to do what we do. We’re driven to make a difference in our customers’ lives, so they, in turn, can make a difference in the lives of others.