Deep Rooted Jumbo Rake Comb

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◦ Large, deep rooted shrink stop hair comb
◦ Ergonomic anti-snag rake style hair tool
◦ For combing, sectioning, separating, parting

Take root, pull through and stretch out. Stronger, sturdier and more durable than most detangling combs, our deep rooted rake comb helps preserve the length of your hair by stretching it and boosting volume. Coated with a rubberized material, the large detangling comb gently and painlessly glides through hair to remove tangles and knots. No snagging. No catching. Use the tool to minimize shrinkage, stop breakage and prevent splitting so that hair stay smooth, frizz-free and healthy.

◦ Rubberized prongs glides easily thro' wet/dry hair
◦ Heat resistant polypropylene (PP) plastic
◦ Large rubberized handle offers greater control
◦ Detangles without pulling or breaking hair
◦ For thick, coarse, curly, wavy and kinky hair

◦ Use to minimize shrinkage, stop breakage
◦ Uses: Boost volume
◦ Weight: 45 grams
◦ Size: 22cm * 10cm
◦ Material: PP plastic
◦ Technology: Rubberized