Moisture Repair Bundle
Moisture Repair Bundle
Moisture Repair Bundle
Moisture Repair Bundle

Moisture Repair Bundle

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✓ 3 step daily care & styling regimen for natural curls
✓ Cleansing cowash purifies without stripping moisture
✓ Hair milk smooths, softens hair for a silky soft finish
✓ Styling gel has soft, flexible hold perfect for twisting

Be your own reason to smile. Love, value and accept yourself, and the rest will follow! Let us guide you as you discover the beauty of your natural hair by supplying you with outstanding quality and world class care. We often get asked where one should start when making a switch to natural curls, so we came up with a kit that covers all of the fundamental basics. This 3pc natural hair care set shows your curls some love by providing you with 3 of our bestsellers. Wash without drying, condition without weighing down and define twisty curls without hardening hair. 

Scented with sweet floral scent is sourced from fresh flowers, leaves, seeds, barks and rinds, purely and naturally of the earth, no harsh chemicals, synthetics or artificial perfumes.


Cleansing Moisturizing Co-wash
Lightweight Hair Milk
Curl It, Twist It, Styling Gel
Step 1
Cleansing & Moisturizing Co-Wash
Thoroughly wet hair with water, dispense a quarter sized amount of cleansing conditioner onto palms, rub together, work product into scalp with fingertips (focusing on the roots and working your way down). Massage 3-5 minutes for maximum penetration. Rinse well and follow with our hair milk or leave-in cream.

Step 2
Bangin' Curls Lightweight Hair Milk
Apply to freshly washed dry or damp hair. Dispense cream onto palm, rub hands together, massage evenly into hair starting at the tips and working your way up to the roots. No need to rinse. Leave in and style as usual.

Step 3
Curl It, Twist It, Styling Gel
Apply gel evenly from root to tip, twisting or curling your hair into place. To speed up drying, sit under a salon dryer or blow dry using a diffuser designed to dry without breaking up or frizzing curls.