Shower Hour Microfiber Bath Towel Set

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◦ Thick, Fluffy, Soft & Machine Washable 
◦ Absorbent, Odor-Resistant, Quick-Drying
◦ Better Than Cotton Towels in Every Way

◦ Durable, Odor-Resistant & Quick-Drying

Bundle up in this microfiber towel set after a shower or bath to dry off without dehydrating your skin or drying out your hair. Proven to absorb 7X its weight in water, the fabric is exceedingly more absorbent than cotton ever could be. Thick and strong but soft and fluffy, our microfiber bath towel gently caresses skin as it wicks away excess moisture. Thin and easy to fold, it makes a great choice for traveling, backpacking or showering at the gym. Thick and extremely durable, the smooth microfiber fabric is strong enough to endure multiple hand washings per day.

Bundle includes: 1 Microfiber Bath Towels & 1 Microfiber Hand Towel

Absorbent, Odor-Resistant, Quick-Drying 
◦ Thick, fluffy, soft and machine washable
◦ Better than cotton towels in every way
◦ Fast drying, absorb 7 times their weight in water
◦ Fluffy, luxuriously, absorbent than normal cotton towels
◦ Ultra soft, lightweight fabric ideal for bath, outdoor & sports
◦ Odor-resistant fabric prevents mildew odor and musty smell

  Set includes
◦ One (1) Microfiber Bath Towel (60" x 30")
◦ One (1) Microfiber Hand Towel (30" x 15")

Color: Flint Gray
Fabric weight: 500gsm
Material: Microfiber Fabric

Usage: Bath, Hair & Body 

Bath Towel: 60 inch x 30 inch

Hand Towel: 30 inch x 15 inch

Care Instructions
Wash prior to use, Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low
Do Not Bleach, Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Use Fabric Softener