Glide & Detangle Brush

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◦ Durable heavy duty detangling brush
◦ Rubberized handle for slip prevention
◦ Helps reduce frizz & prevent damage

Struggling to comb through thick, kinky, curly or coarse natural hair without ripping it or stripping it?
Rake it up and reel it in! Our ergonomic detangling brush has been designed to painlessly remove knots and detangle without the frizzing, puffing or sore, sensitive scalp. The magic is in the unique rake shape. Glide the detangler brush over hair starting from the ends and working your way to the root to gently and safely break up knots and tangles.

◦ Rubberized prongs glides easily thro' wet/dry hair
◦ Heat resistant polypropylene (PP) plastic
◦ Large rubberized handle offers greater control
◦ Detangles without pulling or breaking hair
◦ For thick, coarse, curly, wavy and kinky hair
◦ Use to minimize shrinkage, stop breakage

Pigmentation: *Essence Yellow

◦ Uses: Wash day detangling
◦ Weight: 50 grams
◦ Size: 25cm * 8cm
◦ Material: PP plastic
◦ Technology: Rubberized