Natural Hair Journey Confessions - AjaLisa

AjaLisa, please share your story with us, how long have you been natural?

As long as I can remember I’ve always gotten perms, PCJ. Always had long, healthy hair as a kid. I’ve been natural since 2013, not on purpose lol but I actually needed a haircut, badly, so I went all out and did a cute asymmetrical style. I needed a perm before the cut. I decided to not buy anymore perms once I got my cut and once it started to grow out I kept braids in. Initially, I admired my mother’s hair so much because she was already natural and her hair would be so cute to me I just wasn’t brave enough to go for it! It took me a decent year to find how to style my hair, what to do with it, and what to use on it. Once I did more research and got a better idea of how to and what to, I was unstoppable; sharing my knowledge and love for hair to others!

Great, So what would you say about NeoCurly products?

Last year December I got a random straightening done and GIRLLLLL damaged hair ☹️ I was forced to cut my hair this year March.
Luckily for my knowledge, I was able to get my hair back to where it was before the damage; healthy and just as long! Came across Curly Bev’s high bun video clip and instantly fell in love and had to follow her! 💣 she drops the bomb about her hairline and I was alllllll in anxious and ready lol.

The Moisturized Leave-in Cream has to be my favorite although the entire line is GREAT!!. This twist out is from using just the Curls Poppin’ Moisturized Leave-in Cream and Like A Blossoming Sunflower Nourishing Oil.

Curls Poppin’ Moisturized Leave-in Cream 
Curls Poppin’ Moisturized Leave-in Cream

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Like A Blossoming Sunflower Nourishing Oil.
Like A Blossoming Sunflower Nourishing Oil

🌻❤️ AUNTYYYYY, you got me girl 🧚🏽 ♂️ I AM A FAN!!