Local Dallas Blogger Creates a Hair Care Line to Bring Naturals Together

Local Dallas Blogger Creates a Hair Care Line to Bring Naturals Together

Colorism and texurism has always been a source of division in the black community, especially for women. Beverly Coleman seeks to diminish this division one hair product at a time! It is Coleman’s passion for natural hair and black empowerment that has inspired her to create NeoCurly – a hair care line for all naturals.

Beverly Coleman observed that many black people and others of different races often refer to certain hair type as “good hair”. Hair types of 3C and below were more acceptable and sought after. Type 2 and 3 curls were frequently praised and complimented, which leaves type 4 hair in a grey area. In Beverly Coleman’s point of view, all black women have beautiful and amazing hair. Instead of using the term good hair, she prefers to use the term ‘healthy hair’ for all naturals. There is no such thing as a hair texture being better than another. Health should be a naturals goals, not achieving a certain curl pattern.

Furthermore, Coleman also looked into why colorism and hair textures caused such a great divide in the black community. For centuries, black were often separated into certain groups and treated differently by outside races. Eventually, this separation entered the mindsets of the black community. From an early age, due to the lightness of her skin tone, she noticed she was often treated better and received more attention than girls with darker skin tones. She, just like many others in the black community, also noticed that on television the actors used to represent blacks in commercials and movies were often people with lighter complexions and 2/3 type hair textures. People with darker skin tones were barely represented in the media and the 4C hair texture was portrayed as too frizzy or “nappy”, which made it unacceptable. The negligence of darker skin tones and type 4 hair created and widened the divide in the black community. 

Unfortunately, this preference of a particular hair type and skin color still exists and broadens the divide between black people. Some are considered too black and some are considered not black enough. This is why Beverly Coleman has decided to take active steps toward uniting the black community. Her goal involves empowering black women, building their confidence in their hair types –whether 2A or 4C, and spreading love. So instead of tearing each other down and making a sect of people feel unappreciated, Coleman wants the black community to celebrate their uniqueness.

NeoCurly Crew - We are loved, We are one!

Celebrating our differences and honoring our likenesses

The black community is a versatile one. Even with general underlying features, there are still so many different shades of black and different hair color that makes the black race very special. This specialness should be celebrated. Beverly Coleman intends to do this by bringing out all the different tones and hair types and highlighting them equally and together with NeoCurly. NeoCurly aims to educate, empower and accept all the hair textures and skin tones in the black community. Black is beautiful. 

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