The Neocurly Brand Was Created For All Curly, Kinky And Coily Naturalistas

NeoCurly | Getting Started on Your Natural Hair Journey

The NeoCurly Purpose

As most naturals know, rocking your natural hair is rewarding, but also full of many challenges. We spend countless hours on the internet watching a million videos on how to wash, condition, moisturized and shape our natural in the best way possible. This process is often lengthy, but once you find what works for you, your confidence rises tremendously! NeoCurly’s purpose is to help all naturals find that confidence in the best way possible.

The NeoCurly brand was created to help educate all curly, kinky and coily naturalistas on hair care ranging from type 2 to type 4. Our products are engineered to help you take care of your natural with all factors in mind including porosity, curl pattern, texture, elasticity, etc.

It is important to know that all hair care regimens work differently for everyone’s hair. This is why it is essential for NeoCurly to properly educate you all and provide products that makes your journey easier. There are many components to natural hair that are to be catered to and NeoCurly’s products represent that. Our current product line works to aid growth, cleanse, help you detangle with ease, retain moisture, add shine, smoothening  and softning.

The NeoCurly Brand

What are the products?

NeoCurly has a range of products that are perfect for all natural hair types!

Build up? What’s that? Cleansing and Moisturizing Co-Wash: Co-wash is a great alternative to cleanse your hair, instead of the harshness from shampoo. Depending on your porosity, shampoo can often strip your hair of moisture and leave it brittle. Co-wash will rid your hair of build up while retaining natural oils. It also adds oils such as lemon grass and rosemary that are essential to hair growth.

Co-wash is highly recommended for those with low or medium porosity hair. Too much shampooing can dry your hair out often and take away moisture. Co-wash is a great cross between shampooing and conditioning that cleanses your hair while simultaneously providing moisture.

Co-wash is one way to make sure your hair remains moisturized, even in the changing seasons when your hair is expected to be dry and brittle. Constant use of the co-wash will make sure your hair never has a reason to break, thus making it retain its length.

Curls Poppin’ Moisturized Leave-in Cream: Moisture is imperative to keep your hair bouncy, shining and feeling soft! You can use this moisturized leave-in cream to achieve that. No matter the style you choose, this cream will help lock in moisture for it.

This product is recommended for those with high or medium porosity hair. With HP hair, you have a hard time retaining moisture. A thicker hair cream like this one will help seal your cuticles shut to lock in moisture longer. This will prevent breakage, tangling and dryness from occurring so quickly.

Applying this product from your roots to ends will ensure moisture throughout your entire head.  This leave in cream will live up to its name: your curls will be POPPIN’ with moisture without a doubt!

Bangin’ Curls Lightweight Hair Milk: Another alternative or addition to retaining moisture to your natural is this lightweight milk! Hair Milk is recommended for those with low or medium porosity hair. Naturals with LP hair have a hard time getting moisture into the hair shaft. This leads your hair to be prone to build up, due to your cuticles being very tight. A lightweight milk will help you gain moisture without build up. 

Sometimes the hair strands become weak and begins to break off, especially when detangling the hair. Hair milk as a treatment helps strengthen the hair from root to tip and keeps the hair from getting weak and falling apart so quickly.

The Bangin’ Curls Lightweight Hair Milk is engineered to keep your hair strengthened, moisturized and soft. As the name implies, you are going to be walking around with BANGIN hair, making heads and turn.

Like a Blossoming Sunflower Nourishing Oil: Your hair produces naturals that try to help grow your hair and prevent breaking, but sometimes the hair needs extra help. You can help nourish your scalp and grow your hair with this lemongrass and rosemary infused oil. The nourishing hair oil helps your hair stay shiny and full! 

This oil can used either to moisturize your scalp or actual hair. It is recommended for those with HP hair to use this oil for your hair. Because your hair is prone to dryness and needs help to seal in moisture, this oil will help close in your cuticle and smooth out your hair. For those with LP hair, it is recommended to use this mostly to massage your scalp. Be careful not to use too much considering your hair is prone to buildup. MP hair can do either or depending on your preference.

There is nothing better than having oil that makes your hair stay smooth, long and shiny. The Like a Blossoming Sunflower Nourishing Oil will make your hair blossom like a sunflower in season!

Curl It, Twist It Styling Gel: No matter if you prefer wash n gos, finger coiling, twist outs, braid outs or bantu knots, this gel will be perfect for you! This extremely lightweight gel will help you lock in the curl style you are trying to achieve. Flaking and hardness is not a problem with this styling gel, your hair will remain soft and moisturized in its curl style.

It is recommended that HP naturalistas use this product to help lock in moisture faster and longer after applying the leave in cream. For LP hair, because this product is very lightweight, you can use it on your hair without having to worry about build up! Just keep in mind that this gel is not meant for holding down edges/babyhairs. It is designed to help you preserve your curl style while keeping your hair soft and moisturized.

No matter what technique you prefer to use, the Curl It, Twist It Styling Gel will you create and preserve it!

The NeoCurly brand was created to help all naturalists in their hair journey, no matter the hair type. It is true that every single natural head is unique and we are here to cater to every single individual one day at a time. Being natural is a lengthy process, so let us help, be your guide and make it easier. Products are created based on actual research hair science to ensure that every natural flourishes.